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  • Don't leave a key outside your home even if you think it's well hidden

  • Leave a light on in your home after you retire for the night.

  • Deadbolt locks should be used on all doors.

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Day after day, week after week, year after year, average citizens live seemingly safe and secure lives free of crime—at least they believe they do. The fact is, everywhere a residential crime is committed, the neighbors in the vicinity were not chosen either because they were lucky or they were prepared. Simply put, those who were prepared knew the possibilities, and they took action before something happened. In a word, they were "Aware."

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Those who prepare for a possible crime event by taking action beforehand can greatly reduce the likelihood that they or their home will be targeted by a criminal. People can reduce their chances of being victimized by being constantly alert, ready for the unexpected, and by not taking any unnecessary chances.

One very important thing that people can do to deter a criminal is by installing an alarm system in their home. Statistics show that homes with monitored alarm systems are more than twice less likely to be burglarized by a criminal. Simply put, criminals do not like obstacles and having an alarm system installed in your home and having it monitored by a local alarm monitoring company will definitely make a criminal think twice before trying to burglarize your home.

WatchDog Surveillance can satisfy your every need when it comes to installing and monitoring your home alarm system. Our years of expertise is backed by superior performance and reliability. Leave the criminals to us. Let WatchDog Surveillance take a bite out of the next criminal who even thinks about burglarizing your home.

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